Archival Results 2013

Watch the 21st annual winners showcase here:

Cresta Awards recognize creativity in the absolute as opposed to the use of a "best of" system applied across a long, and often artificial list of categories and cover ELEVEN major competitions: TV/Cinema/Online Film, Integrated Campaigns, Press, Outdoor, Design, Promotions & Incentives, Ambient Media, Direct Marketing, Radio, Crafts and Interactive advertising. A Grand Prix is awarded to the highest scoring entries that achieve a pre-determined standard (above a ‘set’ score).

The entries were judged on the basis of two criteria only: the originality of the idea; and the quality of its execution. From the 51 countries participating in this year's awards, 33 achieved finalists status. A total of 274 finalists were chosen by more than 100 creatives.

The pre-selection juries for TV/Cinema/Online Film, Integrated Campaigns, Press, Outdoor, Direct Marketing, Radio, Direct Marketing, Promotions & Incentives, Crafts and Ambient Media were held in 8 cities - Beirut, Berlin, Budapest, Caracas, Oslo, Prague, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. In addition, a separate pre-selection Interactive Jury was conducted with 21 jury members hailing from 15 countries.

All finalists were evaluated in late August/early September by Cresta's International Grand Jury of 76 internationally known creative directors, film specialists, graphic artists and interactive professionals from 42 countries. Presiding over the Grand Jury was Guido Heffels, Creative Director & Co-Founder, HEIMAT, Berlin.

The 21st annual winners showcase was released in the form of a micro-site designed for tablets and smart phones via All winning entries (81 winners from 22 countries) include film clips and still images along with full credits.

Agency of the Year was awarded to Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden with 33 total points. Havas Worldwide was crowned Network of the Year with 74 total points representing 12 offices .