Archival Results 2017


  • GOLD Winners
  • Mouvement du Nid "Girls of Paradise "
  • Entrant: McCann Paris, Clichy
  • Agency: McCann Paris
  • Network: McCann Worldgroup
  • Executive Creative Director(s): Riccardo Fregoso, Julien Chiapolini
  • Copywriter(s): Gilles Ollier
  • Art Director(s): Christophe Rambaux
  • Agency Producer(s): Agnieszka Kozbial
  • Photographer(s): Tom Buisseret, Pauline Darley
  • Production Company: Capitaine Plouf, Medialab
  • Post Production: Caroline De Genis, Isabelle Créchet
  • Music Company: Guillaume Le Guen
  • Other(s):
    Account Handler: Coline Déchelette
    Technical Project Manager(s): Dragan Kontic, Pierre-Yves Chassaigne, Clément Hardouin
    Art Buyer: Delphine Devaux

    Translation of Radio Spot: "Ines"
    This conversation really took place.
    The prostitute: Hello
    The client: Hey, how are you? I’m calling about your ad on the website…
    The prostitute: Yes.
    The client: Well I’d like to know… Get some more information
    The prostitute: What would you like to know?
    The client: Well, tell me what services you offer… And your rates?
    The prostitute: Well that depends on your desires…
    The client: (laughs)…
    The prostitute: So you’re looking to talk to Ines?
    The client: That’s right.
    The prostitute: I’m her friend actually Ines is dead.
    The client: What do you mean she’s dead?
    The prostitute: She was thrown off a bridge by her pimp.
    Told by an actress, Ines’ tale is a true story.
    We made the clients believe they were speaking to her in order to confront them with the violent reality of the system.

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